About Us

Founded in 2017, iKons Global is led by experts with almost a decade of combined experience – but who left top positions in established firms to make a change in their industry.

We are defined by our response time, calibre, honesty and transparency:

Our mission is simple: to be a global competitor in IT recruitment, serving our industry and our clients with the right candidates and skills.

We operate directly and openly:

Our international outlook is reflected in our staff’s regional specialisations and HQ in the heart of London. We are determined to serve our clients with realistic expectations while operating passionately to deliver only the best talent solutions.

We thrive on new challenges:

Today, iKons Global is recognised as a leading IT recruitment firm, offering outstanding standards in recruitment solutions and critical technology skills.

Our operations regularly tackle complex, end-user projects across the world. We specialise across SAP, Business Intelligence and Software Development

"Clients choose ikons for their top calibre of candidates and the speedy quality delivery they provide”

Erjon Kozeli (Co-founder)